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BlueToYellow is an online counselling service that aims to ease emotional suffering by providing a safe space to express any thoughts and feelings with a focus on making holistic plans that will work best for you. 


We believe that every individual has their subjective experiences and requires a specialized plan for their mental well-being and growth. Our therapists are experienced in counseling with all age groups, gender, culture, and diverse ethnic background. We provide client-centric therapy with an open, safe, and non-judgmental space to grow and express. Here, you will develop cognizance about psycho-education on different aspects of your mind and well-being which will help you in increasing awareness about your authentic self and heal through your challenges.

Our Vision

The prime motive of our organization is to help our clients with their respective problems through specific coping and management strategies. We are a group of professionals taking steps to break down the stigma associated with therapy and make it affordable for every age group.

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