Why Mental Health Matters?

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The ‘Blue’ feeling

The sadness that surrounds us which reminds the sorrow we felt with the sudden change in what we expected life to be gives the feeling of blueness inside. A paper published in the British Journal of General Practice mentioned that many clients approach to psychological consultation having the major complain of feeling blue which was found to be associated with sadness and feeling depressed. The research also highlighted that not only the biomedical model, but the person-centric therapy is more helpful and reliable treatment approach.

Psychological and Sustainable Well-being

Psychological well-being emphasize on feeling good and functioning effectively all the time. On the other hand, sustainable well-being doesn’t require for a person to feel good all the time. The experience of painful emotions such as disappointment, failure and grief are the normal part of life and being able to manage these negative or painful emotions is essential for living a fulfilled life and for well-being. The psychological well-being is compromised when stress becomes long lasting and hampers with a person’s social, professional or personal life. The factors that involve functioning effectively are the development of one’s potential, having freedom to make decisions in one’s life, having sense of purpose and the experience of positive relationships. 

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Quality Of Life

World Health Organization defines Quality of Life as “individual’s perception of their own position in life in the context of the culture and value system in which they live and in relation to their goal, expectation, standards and concerns. “
It’s a broad ranging concept affected in a complex way by person’s physical health, psychological state, level of independence, social relationship, personal belief and relation to salient features and environment.