Modern Anxiety

Updated: Jul 6

Ever picked up your phone and found that you’ve lost track of time while you scroll through your Instagram feed? That’s just one of the ways that technology is taking over our lives.

In recent years, our relationship with technology has changed radically. The modern world has turned many unimaginable things into reality through science and technology, but there is one thing that has escalated exponentially that is stress and anxiety.

While going through social media, the pressure the people feel in their day-to-day lives overwhelms them so much that it causes high levels of stress and anxiety.

“It’s very hard to stay mindful in contemporary life because we’ve got so many things to check,” Matt Haig, Author.

Modern Life Causing Anxiety

1. Being Constantly Connected

The empowering technology has given us the ability to stay connected with the people living far away from us or in different time zones. However, the ease of accessibility has made us stay glued to our smartphones or tablets almost 24x7.

We’re so engrossed in the virtual world that we barely embrace any ounce of reality. We forget about the person sitting next to us and look at those who don’t really matter. This habit is leading to sleep deprivation which affects one circadian rhythm and leads to an increase in stress and anxiety.

2. Addicted to Social Media

A word: FOMO! (Fear of Missing Out) Looking at the pictures of our friends hanging out together without us isn’t fun and it can send an individual into a downward spiral. Nowadays, FOMO isn’t limited to friends, as many people on social media posting their videos traveling to amazing places of the world or bragging about their engagement or marriage are also leading to the same phenomenon in others, FOMO.

After seeing the pictures and videos, an individual might compare themselves to all those people. Social media does encourage people to travel and take a break, not to enjoy themselves but for posting more pictures like others. Almost every individual thinking of traveling has the primary intention of sharing everything on social media.

The problem is that we’re fooled into thinking that we need to do all these, and all at the same time. Witness the rise of superman or superwoman at the same time. However, in reality, it isn’t possible to simultaneously excel at home and work life, travel the world and nurture your work, be creative and fit, everything at the same time. The pressure to maintain an image of perfection is surely exhausting and leads to an increase in anxiety.

3. Comparing Ourselves to Higher Standards

One of the admirable skills of an individual is setting goals, but the modern world has interfered with that too. Pushing yourself to reach reasonable targets is never healthy. Via social media, the modern world has set up some superficial standards of ‘being the best.’

“I was never worried about my ‘small lips’ until I saw the influx of celebrities getting their lips done, or people posting their reels with plum lips. Suddenly I felt inadequate because I lack puffy lips.” An example of people comparing themselves to others because of social media. We watch TV or social media platforms, and everyone is beautiful.

An individual compares their reality to the highlight reels of others, which makes them feel sad, envious, or even jealous. This is a very prominent trigger for anxiety or stress and can lead to many mental health issues.

4. Low Self-Esteem

Whether you love it, loathe it, or simply accept it, social media is a part of life, especially for teens. Social media issues are often complex and there are typically no ‘right answers’. While sometimes a cure for loneliness, that isn’t the only effect it has on human beings. By triggering comparisons with others, it tends to raise doubts about self-worth which potentially leads to mental health issues.

Teens and pre-teens are among the highest consumers of social media and it has both positive and negative effects on an individual. The negative impact happens when an individual tries to use social media as a measure of their likability and popularity. The number of likes and comments on an individual’s post decides whether they are likable or not, and the greed for numbers never ends. Like an individual’s ambition for money, the greed for a number of followers never gets satisfied.

Out of 7.8 billion people on the Earth, around half the population, regardless of age or internet access, uses social media. Among them, it is the young population, including adolescents and young adults, who indulge in heavy use of social media every day, and that is the population affected most by it.

5. Lack of Stress-Release Mechanisms

With a huge amount of workloads and personal issues, anxiety and stress become inevitable. But the question is how to handle or manage the stress or anxiety created by the modern world. In this era, the most customary stress-release mechanism is smoking or drinking. It is the trend, which is followed on social media platforms, as people like to ‘party’. But these kinds of habits only worsen the situation and are a big risk to the physical and mental health of that individual.

What Can BluetoYellow Do About Your Modern Anxiety?

Social media has created a view of the world that is completely different from the lives we live in. The world on social media is not always true, and almost 90 percent of the things are edited, filtered, or photoshopped. However, most often, people consciously or unconsciously compare themselves to the images projected on their screens, forgetting that these images often do not resemble reality, which leads to Modern Anxiety.

BluetoYellow is working towards providing quality online counseling sessions to the young population at affordable prices.

Our dynamic therapists follow a client-centric approach that creates a safe and confidential space for you to express your emotions and thoughts without any judgment.

If you are suspecting that anxiety is interfering with your well-being, or if you know someone who can be benefited from the blog, forward the page to bring awareness to them.

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